At speck & dressel, we feel that it is very important that each of us find a way to Give Back to our community to people in need and animals in need.

One of our favorite organizations is My Dream for Animals.

My Dream for Animals was created to raise awareness of how human activities affect the lives of animals throughout the world, and to help provide ideas on how individuals can improve the lives of animals. Your donation will help support us on our mission to make life better for millions of animals across the globe. MDFA is currently educating people and sparking action through its website and social media. We are also working on developing Animal Action Packs designed to educate children about the current situation of animals and what they can do to help. Each pack will focus on a particular dream to encourage empathy and awareness for animals at a young age, and give them information and steps they can take to help impact change.

Please donate
If you are passionate about animals please pass along the link to the site as well

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“Kindness Counts”